Anime News!!

imageSo in case you missed it there is a new Sword art Online movie airing in Japan and they brought it over here for a few days so we could watch it subbed. Now there’s been news that we will be getting a dubb of the movie faster than we thought. According to Aniplex the movie will be here in select theaters. And it will be here in April!!!! If you have not seen any of the “Sword Art Online” series I highly recommend it. It’s a beautiful anime and the story is very good as well so far there is two seasons both have been dubbed as well. There is two parts to each season and I’m sure they are available on Netflix for now. If you’d like to read about this news your self feel free here’s a link


Also a few weeks ago it was announced that we will be getting an season 2 of “OverLord”. This anime is so good and funny at times. It’s also stated that there’s two movies that go over the events during the first season. It also gave us a look at the main character in his human form’ which is new cause we did not get that in the anime. I for one am highly looking forward to this second season. I also recommend this anime well. Here’s a link to check out for your self.



We also got a possible season three of “A Certian Magical Index” season three on its way. The editor stated “please wait a little more longer” in one of his interviews. So this may be what we all been waiting for. I sure hope we get a third season and fast.  If you’d like to read a little more about this news here’s a link.


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