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Netflix Original movie inspired by Anime/Manga. Death Note.

So in case you missed it Netflix announced a year or so ago that they will be doing an Death Note Movie. That’s rite The heavily popular anime series that has caused some crazy news out here in the states before is getting an English movie not to be confused with the ones made over seas. This series has had a couple or few movies made in Japan already and it seems like this series has yet to run its course threw our hearts. I loved the anime it’s self. It’s so original and I fell in love with the characters. Especially Lite and L which is the series main characters lol. If you haven’t seen the Anime yet then stop reading this and go take a look at it for your self. This Anime will leave an lasting expression on you for sure. ^_^ anyways the movie will be on Netflix for all to see on Augest 25. Now if you don’t mind me I’ll take this potato chip and eat it while I count down the days. lol


if you’d like a link to view the trailer here it is.


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