No Game’ No Life -Zero- gets release date!!



Just in case you been living under a rock a movie based of the No Game’ No Life series was announce about a little over a year ago or less. Anyways we now have a date for this movie. “Drum roll please” lol it airs in Japan on July 15! Only three months away. Now I for one am very excited that the series is getting a movie. Cause it could mean down the road we may live to see a season 2. Cause this movie is a prequel to the series so yea. But I for one am so excited. I loved the Anime. And I herd the LN was great too. If you have not watched the anime I highly recommend it. If you’d like me to go into further detail on what this series is about then leave a comment below and I’ll happily do so. Maybe I’ll even do a little review post of the series sometime. Anyways have a great day ladies and gents. ^_^


also if you’d like a reference link to where I got my news from here’s a link.


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