What was your very first anime?


A lot of people back in the day didn’t know about anime unlike today. Where practically every culture knows of its existence. So many diferent sub’s and dub’s all across the globe. But for me? Well my eyes were opened to the world of anime in my childhood. Back when Toonami was a block on Cartoon Network and not Adult Swim lol. Back then a lot of anime were consored to the max. Cause let’s face it Japan’s customs was and still is a little different that our own. But that’s what makes it so appealing rite? But yea I remember coming home from school and flipping on my square heavy ass tv to channel 45 and getting my self excited for some pretty bad ass anime. What was my first show well to be honest it has to be a tie between “Gundam wing” (image above) and “Outlaw Star” these two shows opened my eyes to this beautiful thing we call anime. Shortly after I got hooked into DBZ and it was all down hill from there with my brand new addiction. Lol I’ve come so far from who I was back then. I never thought I’d be so hard core into this culture and to see my self loving Sub’s more than dub’s? My younger self would be like yo man WTF lol. But yea these anime’s are what got me into this crazy world of anime. And I’ll never forget where it all started! I hope this story encourages some of you to comment and share with me your story of when you first watched anime and what anime it was. Anyways thanks again for reading my chatter. :3 I hope to hear from you. Thanks again.

Also in case you was curious on wth is “Outlaw Star” here’s an image. Go peep it out!



2 thoughts on “What was your very first anime?

  1. The first anime I watched, that I remember, was Robotech, back when I was in elementary school. My sisters were the one who watched it, and I remember not liking it very much. I thought it was too serious for a cartoon. I also watched Belle and Sebastian, but at the time I didn’t think those were “anime.” When I got a little older I liked Ranma 1/2 and Flame of Recca 😛 (Wow, I think I’m showing my age hahaha).

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