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Fuuka: Manga Vs Anime Which do you like more?

To be perfectly honest I have no idea that I would have torn opinions on this series as a whole. And I guess the reason being that unlike most fans of “Fuuka” started off Manga fans. Where I seen the promotion art for the anime was automatically intrigued. So as I started watching the show I fell in love with the characters. So naturally I was curious on their development so I began researching and man oh man did I regret that. Not spoiling anything for fans. But I was shocked. So I decided to pick up the manga and started reading it. Again I found my self falling more in love with the characters. So I read and read till I got up to the point where that damn Spoiler took place and I still wasn’t ready for it. After I read a few chapters afterword I found my self wondering why the writer would make such a bold move? Surly he got a lot of hate mail for the decision’ but I kept reading on. And naturally I’m all caught up with the most recent chapter and I must say I love the Manga series. Now after all that reading of corse I watched ever episode of the anime in between that was released. I was curious on how they would handle this big change that was in the manga. And to my suprise they decided to go into an anime only route’ and let me tell you I was blown away. Of corse I was a little skeptical cause what had happened in the manga made the main character (which is not “Fuuka” so let’s get that straight rite now. It’s “Yuu”) grow into his own. And it changed him for the better. So naturally I was like now what? Without this catalyst to push our hero to his destined place of purpose what will happen to him and the band that had so many hardships to go threw to get to where they are now. But again I’m here thinking how happy I am for “Fuuka” and that made feel simply peaceful. So yea as you can see I’m at a standstill with how I should feel about this series as a whole. Die hard fans of the manga are going to hate and anime fans will embrace this anime only ending. But me I guess I accept both. Cause they both are so different so why not let things go as they are? I’m still looking forward to see how this manga ends. And I know I’m happy with how the anime ended. Anyways these are just my thoughts on the series. I hope you share with me your thoughts. And please be respectful and don’t post any spoilers in the comments below. If you really want to discuss those things just inbox me ^_^ anyways thanks again ladies and gents for hearing what I have to say. Please share this post and blog with your friends. And with your love we can make this blog and my Twitter grow. Well then again this is Otakupoint1 signing out and untill the next post I’ll see you all then. ^_^


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