So I’d like to do a YouTube channel for everyone with more discussions and anime/manga related content.

hey guys ^_^ Otakupoint1 here again. I been thinking a lot for a while and I really would like to try broadcasting on YouTube. But I only have an iPad. As soon as I can get enough funds to get me a good enough computer/laptop I’ll be getting the channel off the ground and in the air. I already made the channel just can’t do the vids yet. But I’m curious who would want to watch this channel? Please let me know and show some love. Also sorry about not posting any content today had a long day with family and doctors. 0_0 so yea. Anyways I’ll,be on my game tomorrow with more anime/manga content. Also if there’s any anime or manga your us like me to talk about. Either leave a comment in this post or message me ^_^ thanks guys.


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