It’s Waifu Wednesday!!!

It’s that time again people. I apologize about yesterday. It was truly a busy day for me but I’m back and I’m ready to talk about Waifu’s you know that one anime chick or multiple chicks your like hmmm I’d prolly smash that lmao and hey if you like dudes that’s fine too just ain’t too sure if there’s a word for that haha. Smh anyways on today’s Waifu Wednesday I’m going to share with you an old favorite of mine. Sim a the Swallow from air gear. Her very outgoing personality “if you know what I mean ;)” and her skill alone on is worth admiring. If you haven’t Watched Air Gear I recommend you watch it. It’s a great anime and the Ova series is amazing as well. So feel free to share your favorite Waifu or hubby chan or what ever in the comments below. This is a judge free zone after all’ but senpai’s girl is the best ;p lmao Jp  just don’t lewd the dragons lol or other lollicons. Haha


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