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Who’s ready to fulfill their “Destiny” Destiny 2 that is!!

Ok so it’s about time I post something game related. And what better time to do that with some Destiny 2 news popping off all across the web. That’s rite Destiny 2 is trending hard core and intact it almost broke some sites.  Lol  for a while now Bungie has cept a pretty tight lid on any Destiny 2 news but recently so much leaked info was popping up I guess they couldn’t help but get involved. The game it’s self has been said t be released by Setember 8th with an beta well before then. That was leaked. But an official image was released from Bungie as well as a teaser trailer. The game seems to open up with our last city being attacked by the Caball. So we already have an pretty awesome story campaign in the future. The game has also been said to be available on pc this time around which is new. Hopefully the leak was rite on that. Destiny has been a game I always find my self coming back too and with Destiny 2 on its way I’m sure Bungie has went all out on the sequel. Can not wait to play it. If you haven’t played the first game that’s ok they have said its a completely new game pretty much so new gamers will won’t feel so behind. But also vet’s like me and my crew will be receiving some awesome stuff as well to show off our dedication and acknowledge our feats. So if you haven’t seen the teaser trailer yet here you go. Enjoy it it’s funny as hell and I so can not wait for this game.


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