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Paladins! Is it worth the try?

Hey guys sorry for being kinda slow on my post’ I’ve  been dealing with a bunch of crap. To be honest with you guys I take care of my grandfather. I had to quit my job that I was working for almost five years and been taking care of him for two and half now. It sucks cause I have no income and it’s ruff cause he has altimeters and a bunch of other Heath issues. But I love him and he and my grandmother raised me since a baby, so they are considered my parents. Anyways he’s pushed all his family away and I’m all he has since my grandma passed away five years ago. So I have to be here to help him. Sure it sucks but someone has to do it and I do owe him. They provided every birthday’ every Christmas’ every new school year for me and my younger siblings. So if my content gets kinda dry sometimes you know why. Anyways back to why your reading this, haha sorry for my random back story but it gives you a better understanding of Senpai lol. Anyways is Paladins with the play? I played over watch first and I loved it, it was different from most games out there. So when I first heard of this game I was like “oh great a knock off Overwatch”. But as I played it I fell in love with one of its new characters “Maeve” she’s so fun to use and her character is just adorable. Now there are plenty of similarities between these two games don’t get me wrong but there’s a diffrence in this game. Cards yup cards you can build with cards and each character has its own unique cards. And there are also buffs you can purchase in game with in game points that you earn throughout the the game. It can be horrible if your not running with a complete team who knows what their doing but hey it’s a game. So is it worth the play I think so. Some of you may be die hard Overwatch fans and hey I get it. Some will argue what came first and to me it don’t really matter cause I enjoy both. Just the other is free and it has Maeve so yea lol. I’ll be streaming on my channel and YouTube channel once I get a laptop so keep an eye on here for news on that. But for now this is what I think. Thanks for reading. If you’d like a more in depth details about the game feel free to message me or comment below. But until then enjoy these awesome pics of Maeve below ^_^


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