Noragami: a greatly overlooked anime

Today I found my self watching some anime music videos of some of my favorite anime. And surprisingly I watched a lot that had Noragami as the main theme. This anime is great. And I feel not a lot of people know about it cause it’s not as popular with the pop culture. But the anime it’s self definitely deserves the props it’s about to get from me. The anime it’s self can be very meaningful and deep you just have to be looking and along with it’s funny charm it finds it’s self uniquely different from most anime’s out there. You meet the main character “hero” Yato “spoiler” a God of Calamity trying to re forge him self as a God who can be looked at with love and aberration. He wants to be looked at and worshipped like the other popular Gods. So he does odd jobs for just Five Yen. Yup that’s rite five yen. He does these jobs to get his name out there. The more followers the more famous. He thinks he wants to be famous and to some degree that may be true. But in truth he just wants to be accepted and be loved and admired like the other Gods. Before he changed a leaf he was a dark and troubled soul as a God of calamity. Anyways our hero meets a girl named Hiyori Iki in a pretty odd way. And her life is thrown into a whole new world by meeting him. Together they begin their journey to fix what’s been broken. But down the road they come to see that some things happen for a reason and some things are ment to be broken. I can go on for a bit about this series and about its awesome characters. But I think you should give it a watch it’s self. So if you haven’t watched Noragami then I highly recommend it. There’s two seasons both are about 12 episodes long, So please enjoy. Who knows maybe Yato will pay you a visit for a small Five yen.

Plot: As a minor god of calamity, Yato not only has no followers but does not even have a shrine to his name. In an attempt to become known, he charges only five yen to grant the wishes of Near Shore dwellers (the name given to the living) to save up for his shrine. Through his missions, Yato encounters a Near Shore girl named Hiyori Iki, whose soul frequently slips out of her body, and Yukine, a wandering spirit whom he adopts as his Regalia (weapon). Together, they work to kill off corrupted spirits (Phantoms) while Yato continues in his quest to become a famous god.




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