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It’s Waifu Wednesday people!!!

Ok so this week I went with someone who’s a little more on the shy side yet incredibly adorable and I can not lie if I found a real life girl like this I’d wife her in a sec lol as long as she really wasn’t chunibyo. Anyways if you haven’t guessed where I was going with this by my last comment then I’m talking about Rikka Takanashi from “Love Chunibyo and other Delusions” while the anime is all around good fun’ the main female¬†protagonist makes it even better. Her adorable expressions and sweet and kind yet innocent behavior makes her just that much more entertaining to watch. So be banished from this world and get with the program and watch this series if you haven’t yet. And also get involved and share with my your Waifu for the week and why. Thanks again Otakupoint1 out.



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