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It’s Waifu Wednesday!!! Hospital edition

Hey guys today I been in the hospital for hours and now in ICU and will be here for a few days. Turns out I have a big blood clot in my lungs. I’m scared but I’m a loyal Senpai so I’ll be posting this weeks Wifu choice of mine from the bed. This weeks choice of mine is “Rory Mercury” from Gate. This Lolli is in a league of her own. Don’t let her beauty fool you cause she’s old enough to be your great great great grandmothers grandmother. Lol she knows her way around the battle field and isn’t afraid to swing her power around. She’s also a little flirty as well. So be sure to share what your Waifu of the week is in a comment below. And don’t be afraid to comment 🙂 also keep me in your prayers, thanks.


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