Reporting from the Hospital still but you know what day it is!!

Hey guys not too sure if Amy of you bee checking on me to see if I’ve posted or died but I am alive thanks to God. I’m here in the hospital still been here a week now and I’m fighting this Bloos Clot. I’m a blood thinner and will be for a long while possibly even for life. But I will be going home sometime this week. So I just wanted to fill you guys in on what’s going on. Prayers are welcome. But for now let’s get into this. This weeks Waifu of my choice is Jo from Burst angel. Shure her bust size isn’t much but her addittude is big enough to make up for his. This girl is a bad as soon on the Corey no sexy while doing her thing. She’s a serious girl but at the same time she does care for her friends. If you have not seen this anime I high,y recommend it. Again this is your Senpai and I’m doing my best to get better. You guys have a good day and see you all again soon. God willing 🙂


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